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AGD Automag

The AGD Automag once was on the top of the heap as far as tournament grade markers go. At one time you chose the Automag if you wanted speed or the Autococker if you wanted accuracy. While early Mags were plagued with accuracy and consistency problems. These problems have been remedied over the years with the introduction of newer upgrades known as levels all of the major problems. The current incarnation of the venerable Automag is level 7. (level 7 is the highest level with the AIR valve) An upgrade is available for the Automag to solve many of it’s chopping problems is the level 10 bolt which is the most sophisticated mechanical antichop system available. The AIR valve is not the most current valve that AGD sells. With the addition of the X-valve to the Automag a reactive trigger is added and an incredible recharge rate is achieved making the Automag the best mechanical gun available. The AIR valve is however still plagued by recharge problems at higher rates of fire. This isn’t really a problem since most people can’t fire their Mags over 10 bps anyway. The Automag is also cursed with wire ball detent nubbins intergraded into the barrel. These nasty things send more half balls out the barrel than anything I’ve ever seen. The last problem faced by the Automag is the fact that since the breach must be intergraded into the barrel not many companies want to build Mag barrels. Both the nubbin and barrel problem can be rectified with the addition of a cocker barrel adapter by Doc Nickel. Depending on the user the Automag may also need the addition of a double trigger frame which can be quite expensive. The Automag does have the advantage of having a wide number of aftermarket parts available from the manufacture. Everything you could ever want is available at reasonable prices.  The Automag can also be customized with a many different bodies. Each with different colours and feed configurations. The Automag is also the only gun capable of using the Y-grip available from AGD. With the addition of the x-valve and a double trigger frame (the RT Pro) it is a near perfect mechanical gun. Overall I give the Automag a rating of 9.1.

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